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Owl Thoughts

This sight greeted me today, in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon. I keep seeing the eyes of this beautiful, majestic bird. In my head, heart, and soul, I keep hearing the imagery of one of my favorite poems of … Continue reading

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Winter Sunset

The sun sank low as cold air filled the void left by its warming rays, swiftly departing. As quickly as it sank, Brush strokes of coral tinted the western canvas, exposing the stark outlines of skeletal trees. There, then gone … Continue reading

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Mid-Winter Tea

My colleague and I were having lunch today at a favorite local Thai restaurant a short walk from our office. We both ordered jasmine tea, enjoying sipping over lunch and conversation. It was a simple, lovely moment in the midst … Continue reading

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Like most people who have spent a chunk of time in cold, snowy climates, I have no shortage of stories about ice storms, snow storms, and frigid cold weather. In Buffalo, snowstorms are measured in feet, and continuous days of … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when I close the day by being still, I realize there has been a persistent theme defining the day. Roots Today has been about roots. I have talked about roots (literally and symbolically), I have consumed roots, I have … Continue reading

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Snow drift

I was driving home after the longest of long days…a full slate of clients followed by an evening support group. It had been a hard winter in Buffalo, and today was the fourteenth day in a row of steady snow. … Continue reading

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The nature of things

I spent my childhood in the rural “snow belt” of Western New York in the south towns outside Buffalo. Snow was a way of life from October to April most years, and no one experienced a grocery store eggs-bread-and-milk panic … Continue reading

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