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Proximity of Place

I’ve come to realize that some places are deeply imprinted on my soul. ┬áLike a bird drawn to patterns of seasonal migration, there is a sort of homing beacon that prompts me to go, just go to particular places at … Continue reading

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The Green Spire

My mind was in a hundred different places as I was making my way up the three flights of stairs to my office. My thoughts were swirling with to-do lists, my concentration thrown by the competing priorities among my many … Continue reading

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Owl Thoughts

This sight greeted me today, in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon. I keep seeing the eyes of this beautiful, majestic bird. In my head, heart, and soul, I keep hearing the imagery of one of my favorite poems of … Continue reading

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Journeying 3: Tenebrae

The Uses of Sorrow (In my sleep I dreamed this poem) Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift. ~Mary Oliver (by Mary Oliver, from … Continue reading

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Gifts of Poetry

I have been playing “poetry tag” today on Facebook. I have resisted other “tag” games, even those for other genres I like a lot (such as artists…that one was tempting). But, I cannot pass on the chance to immerse myself … Continue reading

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To the Moon

When I walked outside late last night, after the rain, the moon was majestically beautiful. It was one of those nights where I am paralyzed, where I stand and stare, taking in each moon-beam and soaking it up into my … Continue reading

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Making risotto

I had a moment of Zen tonight as I stood in my kitchen, slowly stirring my risotto. In the swirls across the slowly simmering rice and stock, my wooden spoon inadvertently began to trace an infinity symbol rhythmically around the … Continue reading

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