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small points of light came into being on Ash Wednesday, 2013.  Starting this blog was a serendipitous decision. I am not a stranger to writing; I write professionally as a Social Work academic, and I have also written some poetry and prose for bereavement organizations I support. But, until this blog began, I had not been willing to mix professional and personal writing quite so boldly. The day this blog began, the deep urge to begin to chronicle the small points of light along my journey of life was palpable. I started with the story, “My First Ashes” and this blog began to take on a life after that.

My intention in writing this blog isn’t to chart a life chronicle, but it is to authentically live in everyday moments of experience that offer small points of light along my journey.  These daily moments of inspiration sometimes occur as I recall past experiences, and sometimes they are experienced in the present moments of simply living my life. Entries on my blog are situated in the power of ordinary moments to offer spiritual insight.  Some posts are about my faith journey, others are vocational, some are based on quotes or other sources of inspiration I encounter.  Sometimes I realize now that I didn’t even recognize these small points of light for what they were until long after the fact. Sometimes, when I am still, these memories flood back with clarity and a renewed “a-ha!” relevant to my life today.  My hope is that writing and sharing these small points of light will contribute collectively to who we are, and who we continue to become. 

I hope these small points of light will also inspire you, whenever they occur and inspiration finds me as I am compelled to write them. Perhaps some of these stories will resonate with those of you who choose to read them, and perhaps these stories will inspire you to recall and chronicle your own moments of the divine ordinary as well.  I welcome your story-sharing, your thoughts and your comments.



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