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Winter Sunset

The sun sank low as cold air filled the void left by its warming rays, swiftly departing. As quickly as it sank, Brush strokes of coral tinted the western canvas, exposing the stark outlines of skeletal trees. There, then gone … Continue reading

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Seeing the Light 3: sunrise/sunset

It’s always a good day for me when I can fully take in both sunrise and sunset. Last night, I slept early both to fight off a brewing cold and in anticipation of a morning flight. Rising before dawn, I … Continue reading

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Blessing 6: Closing the Week

This Lenten week where I have focused on the theme of “blessings” is drawing to a close. Once again, I am reminded that there is such a gift in following the gentle nudge of spirit (“I should write some blessings…”). … Continue reading

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Closet Excavation

Whoever coined the phrase “skeletons in the closet” probably had taken a peek into my downstairs coat closet and quickly shut the door before anything otherworldly escaped. From all I have read in the professional literature about hoarding, there seems … Continue reading

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