Blessing 6: Closing the Week

This Lenten week where I have focused on the theme of “blessings” is drawing to a close. Once again, I am reminded that there is such a gift in following the gentle nudge of spirit (“I should write some blessings…”). Tonight, I reflect back with gratitude for what sacred space emerged this week on my own journey from having acted on that intuitive prompt.

This week was filled with blessed moments. Sure, there were plenty of other moments, too. But, the blessings are what stand out and stay with me. As I look back on the week, I can now also see these blessings woven in to my words and my writing, preserved in this little sacred space of my blog. This is a gift, an abundance in the midst of Lenten austerity.

A small point of light.

So, tonight, I gratefully write my final blessing for this week:

Blessing: At the Close of the Week

We move from day to day through the cycle of the week,
The earth moving in Universal cadence.

We pass times of the daily ordinary
Moments as simple and as vital as our breathing.

We undergo times of challenge
Where learning beckons us to persist, and not flee

We unwrap the gift of grace
That transports these simple moments into divine blessing.

As this week draws to a close, may we be blessed by our holy moments
and reminded of the divine in the daily motion of our lives;

May we embrace stillness long enough
for these images to impress themselves upon our spirits;

May we move into a new week having been stirred and changed,
nourished for the journey by the simple abundance
of cultivating sacred space.

About harasprice

Professor of Social Work and Priest in The Episcopal Church, parent, teacher, learner, writer, advocate, and grateful traveller along this journey through life
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