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In the hazy stillness of afternoon sunlight, I cannot even observe what year it is. I have walked through double doors, cloistering myself away from the pace of life, the attachment of family, the security of that which I have … Continue reading

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Weekend Retreat

I had the joy of spending the weekend at one of my favorite places (ShrineMont) with some of my favorite people. I was able to accompany my faith community at St. Thomas to this annual mountain retreat to recharge, reconnect, … Continue reading

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Showing up

I woke this morning with one intention: showing up to my life. I also woke, as did those of you reading this, to the shut-down of the government after a stalemate impasse around legislation and budget and social policy. Similarly, … Continue reading

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Spiritual and Religious

It was a thunderstorm induced plane delay in Wisconsin that set the wheels in motion. My colleague texted me Friday, worried that her forced rebooking would interfere with my plans to pick her up at the airport to drive together … Continue reading

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Blogging in Narnia

I am in Narnia as I write this morning. I literally opened the wardrobe, parted the thick, furry coats, and stepped through the door onto a little ledge among the mountain top vista which surrounds me as I write. It … Continue reading

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