Weekend Retreat

I had the joy of spending the weekend at one of my favorite places (ShrineMont) with some of my favorite people. I was able to accompany my faith community at St. Thomas to this annual mountain retreat to recharge, reconnect, and revive ourselves. It has been quite a challenging year for us in our parish-of-transition, but we now have so much to celebrate.

While away, I posted this week’s installment of our virtual faith formation series, Sunday Thoughts for a Monday World. One of the questions I posed for thought was, “what will we say on Monday about our authentic experiences on this weekend retreat?”

So, I thought I would answer that question here on my own blog, too. So,
I am reflecting tonight: What have I said today about my weekend…

ShrineMont is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, both in natural beauty and spiritual energy.

I wish I could begin every day walking the labyrinth at dawn like I did this weekend.

Serving Holy Eucharist in the Shrine was possibly one of the most moving and inspiring experiences I have ever had.

As hard is it was to let go at first, I loved seeing my daughter spread her wings of freedom and independence.

What did I do this weekend…well, I went to the mountains, hiked, and led a prayer beading workshop. Seriously, I did! (said to a colleague who looked shocked to hear all three).

I had so much fun making prayer beads with and for my friends. I feel like my whole Saturday was filled with holy moments.

ShrineMont weekends are never long enough.

While I was on retreat, I had a dream that I was making/baking communion bread…I thought about the symbolism of that dream all the while I was driving home yesterday.

I came home ready to take the next steps forward in my own journey.

The copper cross our youth made is awesome.

Today is such a challenging re-entry day for me. Maybe I need to stop struggling and listen to what is happening in my heart and my head.

I am ready to go back already.

It was wonderful to see everyone so happy, hopeful, and optimistic. I have been feeling that way for a while, but now it seems contagious.

I took a camera full of pictures. If you read my blog, you’ll eventually see them all.

Everyone should have a ShrineMont.


Written in response to: http://www.stthomasrichmond.org/article/week-2-sunday-thoughts-for-a-monday-world

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