For over five years now, I’ve been posting on small points of light about the ordinary and extraordinary moments of divine presence on this journey of life.  I didn’t realize when I began that this blog would be a catalyst for helping me enter fully into my discernment, then formation for ordained ministry.  I was just writing here for whomever might read, starting this blog on a whim one Ash Wednesday.   Then I kept writing, and noticing, and reflecting. Gradually this journey began to fall into a pattern which others begin to recognize and name, and eventually I did, too.  It’s powerful now to look back on that journey in words, images, memories and flashes of insight.  I am so grateful for every single small point of light.


One beautiful week ago, I was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests in The Episcopal Church in the midst of a loving, supportive community who gathered in the church where I first began to hear and respond to this call.  Those who gathered around me were from the parishes I have served, from my seminary cohort, from my family; there were friends from my childhood, beloved colleagues and friends, students from my classes, social workers from among my colleagues and communities.  It was truly remarkable, and utterly transforming.

This blog entry contains some of my favorite pictures, as well as links to the sermon and the Worship Bulletin with the ordination liturgy  There is so much here to continue to ponder and allow to sink in, deeply.  As the choral anthem reminded us: God has work for us to do!


And a few more…



I was honored and grateful that my dear friend, the Rev. Susan Daughtry, travelled across the country to deliver a prophetic and spirit-stirring homily to send me on this journey as a priest.  I knew when I asked her that there were words she needed to speak, and that I needed to hear.  We ALL needed to hear and truly take in what she had to say.  Here is a link to her own blog post, complete with her sermon text:

Ordination Homily by the Rev. Susan Daughtry



All of this ordination joy…and indeed, it was true joy…reminds me deeply of the power of the resurrection.  Being ordained in Eastertide is a particularly joyful and moving experience.  We are, in this Easter season, constantly reminded that resurrection is not a static event of a historical past or a nebulous theological construct which we chalk up to mystery, but it was and is and will continue to be the way in which our lives are deeply infused with the transforming love of God.  I had the powerful experience of that immersion during ordination, but that is only the beginning of a new journey lived out day by day and step by step.

So now, the work continues.

I am, gratefully,

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Kye Price

About harasprice

Professor of Social Work and Priest in The Episcopal Church, parent, teacher, learner, writer, advocate, and grateful traveller along this journey through life
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