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[re]opening my eyes

Friends and Readers, I will not lie.  This has been a year of beautiful moments and new paths unfolding (which I do tend to take time to write about, or work into my sermons at the very least) but it … Continue reading

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Advent Word: Risk

I don’t think of myself as a risk taker, at least not in the traditional sense. Even as a child, my preferred playground equipment was a swing…without anyone pushing me. The most feared days of gym class were when the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Today smells of cut grass, and fresh dirt. Breathing in the air on this Monday holiday of Memorial Day weekend, I am aware that wafting smells of burgers, BBQ, and chlorine-ready swimming pools also greet us in this coming-of-summer rite … Continue reading

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Truth to Power

Social workers often get accused of being bleeding-heart liberals who hug trees and sing “kum-ba-yah.” Like most stereotypes, there is a reason why this image emerged. Maybe it comes from our genetic predisposition, or a lived experience that environmentally propels … Continue reading

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