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Privilege and Egg Salad

Today, I am exceedingly privileged. I parked on campus, walked to my favorite vegetarian dive coffee shop and ordered my stand-by favorite lunch of egg salad on wheat with lettuce, tomato and sprouts accompanied by a side salad with orange-tahini … Continue reading

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We’re In This Together

For the past several days, I have been immersed in the learning, reconnecting, and networking of a professional social work education conference. I have to be honest: I have been to this conference for six consecutive years, but in recent … Continue reading

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First Lecture

As the ball dropped to welcome 1995, I made one firm resolution: Teach a class. I was working as a social worker at the time, and I had just been promoted to the Director of my tiny department. It was … Continue reading

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Graduation Speech

It’s been a busy week leading up to graduation here at the University where I work. This year, I have served as an academic program director and as such, I was given five minutes at the microphone, as well as … Continue reading

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From unlikely places

I was a busy 18 year old college student, trying to balance the new onset of college level education with part-time employment. I had been a nursing assistant over the summer, and scheduled myself for part-time hours over winter break … Continue reading

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Transition to Doctor

Today was a bright point of light on the journey of life. I had the amazing experience of being present at the very successful dissertation defense of one of my doctoral students. I sometimes simply use the term “mentoring” as … Continue reading

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