Forty Five

On this particular anniversary of my birth, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings of an unfolding journey.  I woke this morning in my seminary dorm room, feeling deeply at home in spite of my physical location cross-coastal from my family and everyday routines.  My senses and my spirit were fully awake to greet the day, and I was flooded with words and images of the small points of light that fill my days.

Although I have been taking a little breath from daily writing while I fully immerse into this new chapter of my journey, I wanted to begin this first day of my 45th year surrounded by the many gifts of Divine Presence in daily life, aware and engaged with the movement of Spirit in the world.  So, as is my birthday tradition, I will free form chronicle forty five moments where I have glimpsed those small points of light this year…

…a circular rainbow forms on the clouds mid-flight, filling me with renewed hope.

…a deer greets me at the front door to my building on my first evening on campus.

…a text from my daughter, “did you have a good first day of school, Mom?”

…I sit in chapel with tears filling my eyes as I experience deep belonging which knows no time or distance

…a moment of deep connection with new friends on the journey

…new moments of deep appreciation for friends who have been there at every step

…a chorus of voices filling the night air, chanting by candlelight during a power outage

…a dark and challenging moment in my history being illuminated with the light of grace

…learning to recognize new friends by their laughter

…feeling comfort and familiarity in new surroundings

…the palpable power of ritual to demarcate a change in one’s life course

…the coming together of community around a common goals even in the midst of difference

…realizing that an investment of trust has reaped far more than was ever realized

…following the seemingly ridiculous urging of the Spirit and finding so much God in the most unexpected places

…realizing that all my “paths” are intricately and beautifully entwined with each other, the celtic knot-work of my life

…breathing in stillness

…discovering and cultivating virtual community

…appreciating the gift of trust from those who support my journey

…a breath-taking sunset

…the radiance of the full moon

…the coo of my mourning doves

…a dragonfly that lands beside me on a labyrinth walk

…deep listening

…an “a-ha” moment in the midst of my work day

…my office taking on the look of my blended vocation

…unexpected support from unanticipated places

…learning to say a “Divine Yes”

…the humble grace of learning to say “No”

…feeling upheld in the strength of a spiritual community

…the simple grace of holding space for and with friends and strangers

…realizing how much joy I have in our crazy family dinner conversations

…overflowing abundance of gratitude and groceries at food pantry

…350 turkeys of thanks that transformed my own Thanksgiving

…when words find me

…when my students teach me

…when gratitude overwhelms me

…catching a glimpse of my daughter living fully into who she is, guided by her inner voice

…feeling so small, yet so gloriously connected while standing beneath a sea of stars

…music that finds me in unexpected places

…being fully immersed in the harmony of community

…the palpable relief of letting go and releasing something I’ve been struggling to control

…finding modern truth in ancient language

…the transformative power of radical inclusion

…the blessings of thin places and sacred spaces

…knowing each step is its own emerging journey

Wishing to all many blessings of the daily ordinary to enlighten and enliven your days.

About harasprice

Professor of Social Work and Priest in The Episcopal Church, parent, teacher, learner, writer, advocate, and grateful traveller along this journey through life
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2 Responses to Forty Five

  1. McCormick David says:

    Thanks for sharing your birthday. Sounds like you are off to an exciting start!

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