Forty Four

On this day, as the calendar of my life flips another year, I realize once again how things have changed, how much I have learned, and how grateful I am for what this year has offered me on my journey. So, I offer up forty four lessons I have learned, great and small, over the past year…

Always be grateful.

Accept “God Moments” as the gifts that they are.

Find a labyrinth wherever I travel.

Ask for help when I need it.

Trust my dreams.

Teaching happens when I live authentically.

Forgiveness is the threshold to grace.

God is in the ordinary.

When I don’t know how else to respond, I laugh.

It’s never a good thing to have a squirrel in the house. Never. Ever.

Good-byes are painful; love remains.

The journey is every bit as exciting as the anticipated destination.

I thrive in transition.

Writing is the outpouring of my soul into words.

Being a geek gets better with age.

Leadership is as much about context as about skills.

Serving Holy Eucharist is my most sacred space.

I am a writer, a teacher, and a translator.

I stand in awe of the immensity and intimacy of Divine Presence.

The risk of sharing deeply is deeply rewarding.

Privacy is an illusion, and it is liberating to accept that.

Sometimes, stillness and a cup of tea really are the only things I need.

I am in awe of the amazing people who are a part of my life.

There are no coincidences.

Someone, somewhere, is praying for me; I am grateful.

I am spiritual AND religious.

All experiences, regardless, have the potential for grace and growth.

Everyone has a story that needs to be told.

There are moments from this year that have imprinted on my soul.

There are many ways to pray, including hitting “publish” on my blog posts.

Scarves are serving as transitional objects in my wardrobe.

My inner child has a lot to teach me, whenever I am still enough to listen.

Questions are the basis of faith.

I can keep an office cactus alive for at least six months.

There is always time to meet with a friend.

Be Present.

Austin is the only city in Texas to which I would willingly return.

Degrees are outcomes; learning is a process.

Always give the benefit of the doubt.

Celebrate the sacrament of the present moment.

Be open to intellectual curiosity and intuitive wisdom.

Mentors give sage advice, even accidentally (this also applies to me).

Tears are holy water.

Every day has a small point of light, if our eyes are open to see it.

About harasprice

Professor of Social Work and Priest in The Episcopal Church, parent, teacher, learner, writer, advocate, and grateful traveller along this journey through life
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