Journeying 2: Brave New World

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. this morning in hopes of seeing the total lunar eclipse. I stepped out onto my back patio, still in my pajamas, feeling the warm spring wind blowing and swirling. Clouds were in rapid motion, and it was quickly evident that my hopes of viewing the celestial event were not going to materialize, any more than the most brief glimpse between the passing clouds. But, I couldn’t make myself go back inside, either. I knew it was happening, and I could feel it to my core even if I couldn’t see it with my eyes.

I stood outside in my backyard, grass beneath my feet and wind against my skin. As I stood there, I thought about the reflection on Vastness and Smallness that is a part of the Lenten faith formation series that I have curated for my faith (and virtual) community. I considered how often I feel personally blessed by serendipity and Divine Presence, yet how vast the Universe is, so much so that my own presence is merely a speck and a millisecond in the grand scheme of things. The vastness and the smallness…the omnipresence and the intimacy…both reflect our understanding of God.

I realized this moment was a microcosm of my own life. The winds of change are blowing through my life, and I catch quick glimpses that clarify my experience, this singular important experience of the present moment. I realized as I responded to this moment of awareness that my soul’s true desire was finally to say, “Yes!” rather than “Where?”

I stood there, immersed fully in this present moment.

This is a brave new world for me. I am intuitive, but I am also a thoughtful planner. I like see my options and then make a decision based on both information and intuition. Standing in my backyard whispering a divine yes into the wind to something that has not fully materialized is beyond my logical comprehension. But that is what I did under the eclipsing moon, hidden behind the rolling cloud cover. Just because I could not see it did not mean it wasn’t happening. Just because I can’t see the journey’s destination yet doesn’t mean it isn’t unfolding. It is, moment by moment.

A brave new world, journeying in this present moment.

About harasprice

Professor of Social Work and Priest in The Episcopal Church, parent, teacher, learner, writer, advocate, and grateful traveller along this journey through life
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2 Responses to Journeying 2: Brave New World

  1. It is a Brave New World! Your words are both authentic and inspirational. Can’t wait to hear more of you and your writing and your journey. A glorious path for sure. With each step, you light the way for you and others. How cool is that?

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